What is A Shirt From Olivia Project?

This is an exciting opportunity for children to be creative.  Each child receives a card with a blank shirt.  They are able to use their artistic mind to create a cool custom t-shirt.

How does it work?

  1. A special card (image 1) is delivered to the child.
  2. The child uses crayons, markers, stickers, or pictures to create a cool design (image 2)
  3. The card is then returned to Olivia's Foundation and the child's design is turned into a t shirt.
  4. The shirt is sent back to the child.  The child smiles!

This project brings smiles to kids and sense of accomplishment during a time when stress and depression is too offen the typical experience of the day.

We donate cards at random to hospitals throughout New York and New Jersey.  In the future, we would love to accept requests to participate.  You can help by donating.  Thank You for your continued support.

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Donate to Shirts from Olivia

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